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World of Warcraft: The War Within Beta Test Begins June 5

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the beta test for the highly anticipated World of Warcraft expansion, The War Within, beginning on June 5. This beta phase promises to bring an array of exciting new features and content to the beloved MMORPG, offering players a sneak peek at what’s to come.

How to Participate

Invitation Details The beta test will initially be open to a select group, including community members, press, fansites, friends, and family of Blizzard employees. Players who purchase or upgrade to the Epic Edition will gain immediate access to the beta, ensuring they can experience the new content first-hand.

Access and Availability The beta will be accessible to players globally, and Blizzard encourages participants to provide feedback to help refine the expansion. This collaborative approach aims to enhance the gameplay experience based on player insights and suggestions.

New Features in The War Within

New Playable Race: Earthen One of the standout features of this expansion is the introduction of the Earthen race. These stone-skinned beings bring unique abilities and lore to the World of Warcraft universe, offering a fresh gameplay experience for new and veteran players alike.

Delves and Warbands The beta will introduce Delves, a new type of content designed for solo or small group play, offering challenging and rewarding experiences. Additionally, Warbands will allow players to form persistent groups with friends, enhancing social gameplay and cooperation.

Hero Talents A significant revamp to the talent system, Hero Talents, will be available during the beta. This new system offers more customization and strategic depth, allowing players to tailor their characters' abilities to better suit their playstyle.

New Zones and Dungeons Players can explore new zones filled with rich lore, challenging quests, and dynamic environments. The expansion also includes new dungeons, designed to test players' skills and teamwork with fresh mechanics and formidable foes.

Future Updates

Raid Testing While the initial beta phase focuses on core content, Blizzard has announced that raid testing will be conducted at a later stage. This will allow players to experience and provide feedback on some of the most challenging and rewarding content in the expansion.


The War Within beta test represents a significant step forward for World of Warcraft, introducing innovative features and content that promise to elevate the game. Players eager to dive into this new chapter can do so starting June 5, with opportunities to shape the expansion through their feedback.

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