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This Week in World of Warcraft: May 31, 2024

The World of Warcraft community is buzzing with excitement as several significant updates and events are announced for this week. Here's a comprehensive look at what's happening:

The War Within Beta Test Begins

Starting June 5, players who have purchased or upgraded to the Epic Edition will gain early access to the beta test of "The War Within," the upcoming expansion. This beta will feature new systems, zones, dungeons, Warbands, and the playable Earthen race, giving players a sneak peek into the expansive content coming soon.

Cataclysm Classic Raid Dungeons Now Live

Three iconic raid dungeons from the Cataclysm expansion are now live in World of Warcraft Classic. Players can delve into:

  1. The Bastion of Twilight: Home to Cho'gall and the Twilight's Hammer cultists.
  2. Blackwing Descent: Featuring Nefarian and his twisted experiments.
  3. Throne of the Four Winds: Where players will face the elemental lords.

These raids offer nostalgic experiences with challenging bosses and unique loot.

Cataclysm Classic PvP Season 9

PvP enthusiasts can now engage in the new PvP season. Rated Arenas and Battlegrounds are open, allowing players to earn powerful new PvP gear and climb the ranks.

June Trading Post

The Trading Post is refreshed for June, featuring summer-themed items. Notably, the X-treme Water Blaster Display toy is available, providing fun and festive interactions in-game. Players can earn and trade for a variety of cosmetic items that celebrate the season.


This week in World of Warcraft is packed with exciting new content and events. From the highly anticipated beta of "The War Within" to the nostalgic raids of Cataclysm Classic, there is something for every type of player. Engage in thrilling PvP battles, explore challenging dungeons, and enjoy the festive offerings of the Trading Post.

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