Sunday, November 22, 2009

Priest Talent Guide

  • Can heal and resurrect other players
  • Can DPS
  • Can mind control
  • Can significantly buff other players
  • Can only wear cloth armor
  • Low hit points
  • Requires quick reflexes to play and heal others
Stats To Get For Healing:
  1. Spellpower
  2. Intellect, Spirit, Mana Regen, Spell Crit
  3. Stamina
Stats To Get For DPS:
  1. Spellpower
  2. Intellect, Spell Hit, Spell Crit
  3. Stamina, Spirit, Mana Regen
Gear to Look For
You will be limited to cloth unfortunately. The good thing is, if you're lower level or farming you
won't really have to change out your healing gear for DPS gear because it will have identical stats
besides hit obviously, but less hit will be needed if you aren't raiding.

Eagle, Elder, Hierophant, Invoker, Physician, Owl, Prophet, Sorcerer

Talent Templates
Shadow is the easiest tree to farm from as a priest. It has the highest damage and good survivability.

Rotation Suggestion
Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast, Vampiric Embrace, Vampiric Touch, Mind Flay, Mind Blast

Major Glyphs to Get
Glyph of Shadow
Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain

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