Lich King Kill! [HOW TO]

This is not for heroic by the way. It's for regular kill only.

So this is not some copy paste, I have written this by knowledge, and made pictures for a better understanding of the fight. I hope some of you find it easier than watching a video where you can't fast-forward.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of Lich King encounter is fairly simple.

Things you should look out for:
-Infest (Healers)
-Necrotic Plague
-Shambling Horrors

What helps this fight is knowing...
-Who the add tank is
-Where the group is
-Percentage of Lich King

Healers will need to watch out for a few things...
-Infest is an AoE effect that affects the entire raid. If people are not above 90% after this happens, it stacks and cannot be dispelled until they are topped off.
-Tanks health.

Necrotic Plague is a DISEASE that will be a major mechanic to this phase.
It is simple, just when someone gets the disease, they will need to run to the add tank, and a cleanse will be used on the infected target. You have 5 seconds to do this or you will take 50,000 damage.
This will then jump to the adds or the other tank, thus reducing the damage the Lich King deals.
Keep doing this for phase 1 and you should get through it easily.

The add tank will need to pick up the adds that spawn, especially the Shambling Horrors, as necrotic plague will be needed to kill them (and they hurt).
Hunters or rogues should MD/Tricks to the add tank to help out. The ghouls must also be taken by the tank as they will put a little problem on the healers if they attack dps.

At 70%, the boss will run to the center and start doing a nova spell called Remorseless Winter.
This is an AoE that will rape you. So at 72% everyone should be ready to get to the outside edges.
What you do here is when he hits 70%, everyone should run to the outside edges to avoid the AoE.

Transition Phase 1.5 (60 seconds)

Things you want to look out for:
-Raging Spirits (spawned every 20 on ten, every 15 on 25)
-Soul Shriek (silence)
-Ice Spheres (hunters)
-Adds from Phase 1
-Remorseless Winter (LK AoE)

If the adds from phase 1 are still alive, just kite them away from the raid on the outside ledges. Let Necrotic Plague kill them.

The ranged and casters should spread out from eachother but stay on the outside edges.
The hunters main job here is to kill the Ice Spheres that spawn and make sure none touch anyone. These Ice Spheres will knock off their target (represented by a blue channeled line).

There will be Raging Spirits spawned on a random raid member, and it is the tank that tanks the boss's duty to get aggro on them and face them away from the raid.
The reason we face them away is because of Soul Shriek, which does a hefty amount of aoe damage in a cone effect. Do not stand in front of them if you aren't tanking.

The adds (shamblings) should be down by now and you might be on your last Raging Spirit.

After the 60 seconds are up, you'll notice that LK stopped channeling, and the ground is shaking. Quick! Get back on to the platform!

*The outer ring crumbles as you reach the platform... the Lich King chuckles at the demise his victims*

Make sure if there are any Raging Spirits up still, kill them ASAP, away from the raid.

If there are any ice spheres alive, please kill them before they contact the target, as this knocks people off.

Phase 2

Two new mechanics will be introduced in Phase 2, they are:

There will be no more Shambling Horrors or Necrotic Plague

Warlocks have a great role during phase 2. They can:
-Eliminate the need for a single Val'kyr focus.
-Defile will not be important if placed on them.

Warlocks: Stand out on the edge, with a demonic circle by you at ALL times. When you need to move, move your demonic circle.
When a Val'kyr picks you up, start spamming your teleport to circle ability. This will eliminate the need to kill that single val'kyr.

Everyone that is not a warlock will stack in the middle.

Defile is a spell that has an AoE effect. Everytime it deals damage, it's radius grows bigger. What you want to do is to spread out from the center if Val'kyrs are next, and regroup when its over.
"The Lich King starts casting Defile." is the emote shown when it goes out.

Val'kyrs, or Valks, will spawn (1 in 10, 3 in 25) and what this does is that the Val'kyr will drag the victim off the ledge slowly and drop them, preventing them from being rezzed, or any chance of survival. The DPS job is to DPS it down as fast as you can, so you can save that person and also get back to the boss.
In 10 man, set all your dps on the Valks, but on 25, split your dps up into 3 groups to kill the Valks.

Watch your DBM timers carefully. See which one comes first, Val'kyr or Defile. If it's Defile, spread out immediately from the center and everyone else and quickly collapse when its over.

If Valks are first, and Defile following a few seconds later, make sure that no one is behind the Valk. Ranged, use slows and stuns if necessary. What this does is prevents Defile being laid behind a Valk, preventing melee from helping.
When the Defile is being cast, spread out, then rush for the Val'kyr.

In the event that a Val'kyr does drag someone off, you will want this tip. It is an exploit, and it comes in handy for this.
What you do is play WoW in windowed mode.
If you happen to get thrown off, as soon as you are dropping, right click the window title of WoW and HOLD it down until the raid leader announces in vent or something that it is Phase 2.5 (Transition 2)
This has been confirmed, and it doesn't hurt to do. So do this to prevent yourself from dying.
Do this repeatedly and you should get LK down to 43%.

Now you should drag the boss over to the edge and dps him as hard as you can. Everyone should be there, including the locks. At 40% he enter's phase 2.5 (transition 2) and he will then again, run to the center.

The outer edges will reappear, and you should not jump too early, in case of falling through before it appears. But as soon as you can, jump on because he will cast Remorseless Winter.

Phase 2.5 (60 seconds) Transition 2

Raging Spirits will then spawn again, and hunters should kill the spheres. This is the ideal time to pop heroism/bloodlust as you will need to get the raging spirits down in time before phase 3. You may have one still alive during Phase 3, so kill this. Pretty much the same as the first transition phase.

Phase 3

You will encounter 2 new mechanics to the fight:
-Vile Spirits
-Harvest Soul

The Val'kyrs will not be present in this phase.

He will not cast Infest anymore.

Defile still exists, but this will be much easier to handle.

You will tank him where the red dot is, and will be kiting along the red line when necessary.

Vile Spirits are little ghost spirits that spawn when The Lich King channels it. A swarm of them spawn on top of him, this is where you will kite the boss, and the raid will go to the other side and spread out.
It is a very bad idea to kill these since it will consume a lot of time and if you get more than one and aren't a tank, this could result in a death. It's usually better to spread out and let them come.

If you are a class with taunt, you may use it for this, to minimize raid damage. Tanks be wary that this helps and pallies can use the Righteous Defense to soak up 3 ghosts.

The kiting process: You want to go around the big ring in the middle to the side opposite so it is a bit easier to spread out and ghosts will scatter more. This helps minimize raid damage.
It is useless to even try dpsing them down, as it will consume too much time.

Defile is still an issue here, so if you are already spread out for Vile Spirits, you should be spread out for Defile.

The Lich King will cast Harvest Soul on a random raid member throughout phase 3. Healers must keep this person alive or he will enter a soft enrage for 15 seconds I believe (which will most definitely wipe you.

Those that survive Harvest Soul, will enter the Frostmourne. When in here, you can see Terenas Menthil fighting a Spirit Warden. You need to help him out, by either healing him or attacking the Warden. Once the Warden is defeated, you will be erleased from the Frostmourne.

Once you reach 10%, you will notice that you wiped... wait? RP is still going on, whats going on? The DBM timer has the timer "Roleplay" heh, and when it's done, you'll know.

You have downed the Lich King if you got here, I don't want to spoil the rest.

Grats. Enjoy wiping on Heroic Gunship now.
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Twin Peaks CTF BG (as a level 83 Frost Mage)

This is the first new BG of Cataclysm. It's a new CTF that works like Warsong does, but in a completely new zone. I recorded this fast and skipped the BG start, but it's still 12 minutes of fighting including 2 flags captures and win. I am using my 2 new spells in the video, Curtain of Frost and Flame Orb. Sadly, the Combat Text are bugged for the moment so you won't see the amounts of damage I'm doing (that's annoying). I have 50004 hp with quests/dungeons gear.

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Explore anywhere (hunter)

I'm aware that a lot of people consider this common knowledge, but even more have no idea it is possible. This thread is aimed at those are unaware. Please keep this in mind.

This is VERY VERY VERY simple. VERY.

Step 1) Log into your hunter
Step 2) Get to level 14
Step 3) Type /m into your chat box
Step 4) Click the "New" button to create a new macro
Step 5) Copy+Paste the following into your macro box: /cast !Eagle Eye
Step 6) Bind the macro to a hotkey (0-9, F1-F12, etc)
Step 7) Cast the macro and select a point far off in the distance
Step 8) Repeat Step 7 as many times as you wish for desired results

What this allows you to do is "chain" Eagle Eye casts and cast one Eagle Eye from "inside" the other, thus allowing you to look far far off into the distance.

I hope many people find this useful!

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Cataclysm Guild Achievements - Build 12759

There were a decent number of guild achievements added yesterday, with most of them being fully functional now (they were placeholders/NYI previously). Below is a list of what's in the game so far. Remember: guild achievements will be tied to guild rewards, so please don't complain about the phoenix mount on the beta forums just yet. It will more than likely be difficult to get.

  • Guild Level 5 - Reach guild level 5.
  • It All Adds Up - Spend at least 1,000,000 gold on guildmember repairs.
  • Time To Open A Savings Account - Loot 1,000,000 gold from creatures as a guild.
  • Guild Vault (wip) - Purchased all 8 guild bank tabs.

Complete 50,000 quests as a guild.

Dungeons & Raids
  • We are Legendary - Obtain the following legendary weapons.

  • Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
  • Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker
  • Warglaives of Azzinoth
  • Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury
  • Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings
  • Shadowmourne

  • Guild Classic Dungeonmaster - Complete the classic dungeon achievements listed below in a guild group.

  • Guild Deadmines - Complete the Deadmines in a guild group.


Working as a Team - Obtain 525 skill points in all professions and secondary professions.

Dark Phoenix mount!

Glory of the Cataclysm Hero / Cataclysm Raider
Since we're on the topic of achievements, build 12759 added the preliminary rewards for Glory of the Cataclysm Hero and Glory of the Cataclysm Raider.

Glory of the Cataclysm Hero - Complete every Cataclysm dungeon achievement. (Rewards: Reins of the Volcanic Stone Drake)
Glory of the Cataclysm Raider (WIP) - Complete every Cataclysm Raid achievement. (Rewards: Reins of the UNKNOWN Storm Drake)

So there you have it. The initial dungeon achievement is set to reward a Volcanic Stone Drake, while the raid achievement will reward a Storm Drake.
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Cataclysm Music Released

A few pieces of Cataclysm music have been released with today's beta build. The Shattering is a nod of the head to the great epic themes of the last expansion, and a reprisal of the first World of Warcraft loading screen. There are a few other pieces of Cataclyam music that DominikaSents was kind enough to upload. Take a look at some of these amazing works of music, and check out his Youtube channel for more.

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"World of Starcraft" A remote possibility, or reality?

Starcraft II can be called a major success. Not only did it bring back the action-packed strategy that kept Starcraft fresh for years, but it gave us a whole new engine to play with when making our own maps and mods for the game.

Seeing that Blizzard spent so much time and money developing an entirely new engine for Starcraft II, you would think that they did so not only to keep their customers entertained with map making, but to invest in something for the long haul.

Have no idea what I'm talking about? Take a look at this:

This stunning engine can be applied to future titles. Considering that Blizzard is in the process of making their new MMO, I would be willing to wager that this MMO is based in the Starcraft universe, despite previous announcements by Blizzard that the title was outside all of their current universes.

It is likely that Blizzard will follow the same model that World of Warcraft followed:

  1. Release a successful RTS
  2. Follow it up with an MMO based off of that successful RTS

It is even more likely now that we see that they've spent over one hundred million dollars on the engine for Starcraft II alone. Blizzard's release of the engine map creator to the public is a way to test the waters and the potential of the system.

Let's face it, Blizzard is a corporation. They create things because it generates revenue. If you just take a look at some of the RPG and MMO maps that players have been creating with the Starcraft II engine, you can see that adapting the engine to an MMO would be nearly effortless.

Blizzard is gauging their players' interest in the Starcraft universe. They released a public poll on that asks their customers which Starcraft world they'd like to live on if they could.

Why a sci-fi MMO? Well, Blizzard is going to be competing with the new Star Wars:  The Old Republic   MMO. If the 40K MMO isn't just more fan-base niche dead weight on THQ's back, then it will also be in great competition with TOR and Blizzard's new MMO (Which is undeniably Starcraft). Blizzard is going to have to get innovative here.

So what is the formula for market success in the brave new world of next gen MMOs? Researchers say that it is a feeling of immersion and "change". Moving beyond the static world of last gen MMOs to follow a formula similar to Bioware's games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, where the player's actions influence the entire continuity of the universe. Perhaps Blizzard's new "Starcraft" MMO won't focus on world-changing decisions, but I'm willing to bet they're going to use the engine for a whole lot of customization. Perhaps let players build and upgrade their own ships and vehicles, or even create towns and structures.

This is beyond speculation, folks. You heard it here first. If I lose this bet, I'll buy you a drink.
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Become colossal in Dalaran


You need to be on this quest
Secret Strength of the Frenzyheart - Quest
To get this item
Thunderbrew's Hard Ale - Item

  1. Once you are on the quest Secret Strength of the Frenzyheart head to Grimbooze Thunderbrew in Nessingwary's Base Camp.
  2. Ask him for ale. He will produce one for you.
  3. Summon whatever means of remote bank access you have next to Grimbooze.
  4. Place Thunderbrew's Hard Ale in the bank and talk to Grimbooze again. You will quickly notice you are able to obtain another Ale from him.
  5. Repeat this process as many times as you want. I'd recommend getting at least 100 Ales which should give you about a half hour of fun as a giant.
Once you have all your ales head wherever you want (Dalaran obviously if you're an attention whore like me) and begin drinking the ales. Every 10 seconds your character will grow in size and peaks after around 30 growths.

TIPS: You will grow or refresh the hidden growth timer after 10 seconds of drinking the ale. You have about 10 seconds in-between drinks to mount on a mount or walk around as a giant before having to sit down and drink again to keep your size, as this is not permanent and is on some unspecified hidden timer. After you become smashed by the ale you may have a chance to puke. Pressing Esc before the cast finishes will cancel it and save you the chance of losing your giant size.
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Molten Core farming ~ 6k G/hour

So I noticed a lot of people on my server have been wanting to buy Blood of the Mountain in the AH i've seen the price as high as 700g, 500 the lowest. This could vary from server to server of course, Ive heard of them going for 1k each on some servers and 200 on others. Anyways the best way to farm this is have a character logged out at the attunement guy for MC (assuming you're attuned) (preferably something that can solo stuff easily). Now once you enter, follow the white line on this map:

Right when you go in and you see the Molten Giants do not aggro them you can run to the right and jump right next to the lava on that ledge, if you fail to do this it's fine you wont die from lava, just make sure you're at full hp when you pull the Molten destroyers. The molten Destroyers are located anywhere from Gehannas to Garr. Do not leave this area or you will just be wasting your time. Avoid all mobs that you can, the Core Hounds have large aggro ranges so do not get too close to them. After you kill all of the Destroyers you can go outside and go AFK for the next 30 mins, go on a different toon, or make this guide like I did haha. Now of course this isn't consistent gold because of the drop chance being ~8% but it's definitely worth it for the little amount of work that you have to do, Also if BoE epics drop (Tier gear) make sure to put them up in the AH, they sell for 100g+ depending on server.

Happy farming
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SWTOR: Strategies

Diablo III news and guides

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