Thursday, March 1, 2012

Met a nice guy while waiting on Lil' Timmy to spawn.

Fellow Redditor came up behind me while I was waiting on Lil' Timmy to show up so I could snag a white kitten for myself. For those of you who don't know, Lil' Timmy is on a random spawn timer that can range around 3 hours. It had been a couple hours and we got to talking. I was thinking he was waiting for the same thing I was, but nope, he was just there hanging out and browsing Reddit. 

We talked about how the game changed, our pets, our mounts, and anything else that came up. His work got the best of him and he left me with a gift. He had a white kitten sitting with one of his alts. Opens up trade and gives it to me for free. He leaves, Timmy spawns a little while later and another guy who was talking it up with us wasn't around. I snag the kitten and try to remember his name. I can't. :( I go back to the spot and he's there. He /cries when he sees that he can't buy his own. I open trade and pay it forward. :D

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