The best reason to play a paladin

This is a Classic post. I remember this post all those years back when Paladins were so boring in Vanilla. Didn't matter though cause you could never die. No strikes, no holy power, no exorcism, and you didn't have enough mana for things like consecrate. It's a wonder I even leveled the darn class. Just judge and reseal and then hope for some Seal of Command procs. I'll miss my pornography streaming days though...

And then came patch 3.0. Ret Pallies soloing entire enemy teams in Battlegrounds. "It's balanced for Wrath". The rage and tears were matched only by the zombie plague event. 

Oh how I  remember that day... Paladins of all specs came out from under their rocks and reveled in the QQing of all the other classes as the usually easily beatable pallies stomped mud holes in them. Good times for us pallies.

I  also remember when the TBC patch hit. Ret was suddenly a powerhouse and in the time between 2.0 and TBC launch CS got the nerfbat.

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