Great grinding spot in Townlong 85-90

 I've been using the Dooker dome method / Dread wastes island method to level and they're great and all (Dread wastes one is nerfed) but as i was flying around in boredom, I found a rare, around him was a bunch of mobs; (Shan'ze Obliterator - NPC - World of Warcraft) . 980k hp, 88 Elites, very easy to kill. They do a scourge strike ability, doesn't hit hard. As well there's a quest mob; The Blade - NPC - World of Warcraft 1.2m Hp, also easy to kill. On top of that, there's also a rare; Kah'tir - NPC - World of Warcraft.

The main mobs have an okay spawn rate, after killing them all, a few had spawned back. so if you don't mass pull, it will be sufficient, ( in my experiences so far ). The rare gives around 180-260k (Depends on level) the Obliterators give around 30-50 k (Level dependant). I haven't bothered with the quest mob, I assume he gives near to nothing. (Since most quest mobs dont)


There's about 20 Mobs that spawn, there's a GY nearby ( I believe ) and there's a few other rares in quick proximity, (yowler, lon the bull, etc)

Hopefully this works for you guys, I didn't find a post about this.

Good luck 

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