Saturday, June 22

Make gold with Qiraji Guardling

2 Accounts are needed for this or a friend who can spam trade.

Right now this little bugger is a pain in the arse to get. Doing this will require patience.

1, Hang around till you get a Qiraji Guardling and engage him in pet combat making sure you have a pet that can heal himself.

2, Once you have engaged the pet, get a friend or 2nd account and spam trade offering it for sale. As it is only out yesterday and their are huge numbers looking for this pet to finish Zookeeper achievement there should be takers.

3, Sell for whatever price your after get the buyer to come to you. When he is ready forfeit the match and let him fight it.

Just make sure to heal up your pet and pass or let the timer run out on your turn.

Should be good a for a week or so for those frustrated at waiting and the spawn rate.

(Should work for any rare spawn)

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