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Friday, June 21

A simple guide to keybinds, for new players/anyone.

My warrior's basic UI, using bartender

I use bartender because it's just always been my favorite since I first discovered addons back during BC. I know many people are into elvUI now, but I just can't seem to change my old ways. I change my bartender set up a lot and it's actually a little different than this now, but I think these screens still work for getting my point across. 

My keyboard: microsoft sidewinder

This might not be the best gaming keyboard but it's always treated me well.

My mouse: microsoft sidewinder

Again, it's probably not the best gaming mouse but I've always loved it. Particularly the interface where you set keybinds that are program dependent. When WoW is open, the bottom thumb button causes the ' - ' sign to be pushed. The top thumb button causes the ' = ' sign to be pushed. Just personal preference since I would never actually reach over and use the ' - ' or ' = ' while playing.

The keys where my fingers rest.

Natural to me.

My hand resting on the keyboard (paint skillz)

Works for me.

So I imagine my interface kind of emulating my keyboard

I don't tend to reach past '4' on the keyboard, so I've mainly based my keybindings off of the idea that I will never reach further than 4.

You can see how 1,2,3 are matching my three of my most used skills

Nothing too special about it, just how I like to imagine my keys matching my interface. It feels natural for me.

So now I'm going to use colored boxes to try and convey my thinking for keybindings.


First my main row of keybindings, these are abilities I need to hit fast/often

1,2,3,4,5 are skills I need to hit a lot, but sometimes I also mix skills in there that I may not hit often, but will need to hit fast when the time comes.

This row tends to be cooldowns and it requires me to hold "shift"

You could obviously put whatever you want here, but I like to hold shift and press 1,2,3 etc, to lay on all my damage cooldowns/other high priority things.

These are the other keys that I find easy to hit while moving/fighting

I tend to make these keys bind to spells I will also use often/at a moment's notice. 'C' tends to get avoidance skills, 'X' tends to get things like charge, blink, roll, etc. 'F' is often a taunt or a silence, since I find it easy to quickly smack that button.

I re-use those keys, just with 'shift' held down.

Similar idea on these skills, except I need to hold 'shift' to use them. They are skills I might need in an emergency, but not as likely as the ones in the previous pic.

I also re-use those keys, but with 'ctrl' held down.

Similar idea again. I like this because I can bind 12 spells using a combination of 'r', 'f', 'c', 'x', shift, and ctrl.

Now here is my where my mouse's thumb buttons come in. This might be weird to some.

My mouse has two thumb buttons so I made two special columns in my interface where I put keys that will be handled by my right thumb. For me, I put my most frequently used spells on 1,2,3,4, and mouse button 1, and mouse button 2.

Here the idea is similar to my keyboard, thumb buttons + shift

Same idea, spells I need often but not as often.

Thumb buttons + ctrl.

Same idea again. Off of my two thumb buttons, I'm actually getting 6 spells bound.

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