How to level Battle Pets real fast!

This is for leveling your battle-pets and NOT your alts!

I've been using this method (How to get 14m Exp/Hour 85-90 [Video])
to level my alts but now i've realized that you can level your pets real fast without waiting 1. minute before leaving with your 2nd account

  1. Choose a combo with 2x lvl25 and 1pet you wanna level -> eg 25/25/2 on both accs (acc1 = level pet // acc2 = forfeit acc)
  2. Queue with both accounts and accept 
  3. Dont chose any pet with both accs
  4. Leave with acc2
  5. Gain ~1k exp within seconds

Im using following macros:

Queue for Battle: /script C_PetBattles.StartPVPMatchmaking()
Accept Battle: /script PetBattleQueueReadyFrame.AcceptButton:Click()
Forfeit: /run C_PetBattles.ForfeitGame()

Use Hotkeys like "F1/F2/F3" so you can press em infight

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