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Thursday, June 13

Easy ~500g for 5 min work on your characters daily

What i'm talking about is your farm at Halfhill in Valley of the four winds.

Many have forgotten the use of this, and also haven't payed attention to the new seeds that's been introduced since release.

The ones i'm gonna be talking about it the Enigma seeds and Bag of enigma seeds. These seeds bloom and become MOP herbs, INCLUDING golden lotus. Wowhead say the chance of getting one is roughly 12%, though from personal experience over the last couple of weeks, i'd say it's about 25%, meaning if you plant 16 a day, you'll net an average of 4 golden lotuses per day, in addition to ~2 stacks of random herbs.
They can then be sold raw, or further processed for flasks, and other consumable, not only netting you more gold, but also serves your raiding needs if that's what you're interested in. I usually net around 500g a day, per char by doing so. Note prices may vary depending on you server.

As mentioned in the title it take about 5 minutes a day to harvest, plant and tend to the crops per character, which is little considered it's outcome, so what i'm doing is having 5 characters at Halfhill harvesting every day. This is where you might say "but i don't have 5 characters with 16 tiles at Halfhill". Fear not. It's incredibly easy and incredibly fast to earn the reputation to grow your farm. Below you'll find a little simplified guide to the expansion of your farm

Note: Expanding can only be done at lvl 90

Neutral -> Honored (1 day)

  • 1: Complete all your quests with farmer Yoon at Halfhill. This should take your reputation close to honored if you have to 100% rep gain, you can buy when you hit revered with any character.
  • 2: Plant any 4 crops the first day

Honored -> Revered (~3 days)

  • 3: Harvest your crops. This should take you to honored.
  • 4: Farmer Yoon will give you a quest called Growing the Farm I: The Weeds
  • 5: Complete the small quest line (2 quests) and head back to your farm. Note you get a 15 minute buff when you return. You need to wait for the duration before your farm is expanded. You can't log out to skip the duration.
  • 6: Plant any 8 crops 
  • 7: Keep harvesting and planting crops till you hit revered

Revered -> exalted (1-2 weeks)


You now have a 16 tile farm, with access to your seeds.

NB: Reputation gain can be increased by doing the dailies at Halfhill if you can arsed

This process can be doing with Snakeroot seeds, which grants ores instead of herbs. You'd usually get around 15 random trillium ores and a stack of ghost iron a day using these.

Hopefully some of you found this usually. Happy farming ^^

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