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Wednesday, June 12

Sell some additional flasks.

Today i'm going to tell you my trick that has gotten me some gold over the few weeks depending on server prices and activity.

Here what you want to do:
  • Go to the Ah and look at the flask section. mostly there are about 3-8 flasks of each on the ah. Buy them all and repost them for like 50% more.
  • Here comes the trick now you just spam trade/lfg with something like "LFM Throne of the Thunder 25 iLvL 480 req. Also gears needs to be fully enchanted and gemmed. And bring flasks." or be original and make something up yourself. 
  • And see your flasks get sold.

Additional tips:
  • Try not to put the flasks on the AH with the same character you spam trade with they may get suspicious.
  • -This can also be done for profit on gems and enchants.
  • -Be creative and friendly. sweet lemonade sells better then sour 

If you got any additions to this simple guide feel free to respond.

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