[PET BATTLE] How to defeat All Fable Legendary pets with a single technique!

Here is the way! It works for pretty much all of them, the ones that can create some problems with this are only Dos-Ryga and No-No. But I still defeat them with this team, may take a couple tries.

I hope you enjoy this

Beasts of Fable
6 rounds
1: Unborn Val'kyr [?] (1,2,2)
2: Pandaren Water Spirit [-] (1,2,2)
3: Chrominius [-] (1,1,2)

This is my generic team, which should work well against the majority of the BoF. The goal of this team is to set up a mix of bombs which will detonate on the same turn, under a Howl (+100% damage). You will deliver 100% of your damage at the same time: this way, the enemies won't be able to react and mitigate the damage with their powerful heals.

This strategy should grant you a kill on turn 6 or 7.

Round 1: Unholy Ascension
Your Unborn Val'kyr resurrects
Round 2: Curse of Doom
Your Unborn Val'kyr dies
Switch to Pandaren water spirit
Round 3: Geyser
Round 4: Whirlpool
Round 5: Switch to Chrominius
Round 6: Howl
At the end of this turn, Curse of Doom, Geyser and Whirlpool detonate at the same time with a +125% boost (25% from Unholy Ascension and 100% from Howl). The enemy takes a truckload of damage and is stunned.
Round 7: Surge of Power if the enemy is still alive

- Notes: For Dos-Ryga, cast some Shadow Slashes, then proceed as explained above (Unholy ascension > Curse of doom > etc...). The goal is to stall for a bit with the Shadow Slashes to have the enemy's Whirlpool detonate on your Val'kyr's last turn instead of your Pandaren water spirit. This team doesn't work against No-No. I advise you to use Yellow Moth [4] (2,1,2) and Bat [4] (1,2,1) instead of Unborn Val'kyr and Pandaren Water Spirit against him.

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