This isn't groundbreaking or new, but still, it's an easy way to grab some fast cash on a new server without tranferring the gold through pets or relying on auctions to sell.
It's just a new way of utilizing existing methods.

Expect to make about 250-500g an hour on each char. Obviously this is much more epic in proportion for the fresh char on a fresh server.

So, what you need is:
2 accounts or a friend that wants to help you. Or several friends on different realms.
A character strong enough to kill Trade Prince Donais -> Trade Prince Donais - NPC - World of Warcraft He has a 5-8 min spawn timer and drop between 50 and 100g.
A two-seater flying mount on the lvl 90 character.

What we'll be doing is grouping up the 90 char and the new char and make our way to Azhara on the 2-seater. Beware of the dismounting bug when changing zones, keep close to the ground and stop and wait when the dismount happen, it might jump back on.
When you get to Donais, position the new char a little out of harms way, and kill Donais.

Then have the low lvl char invite a lvl 90 from his server, i.e. a guildie or you can whisper randoms ( /who 90 ) with something along the lines:
"Hi! Could I invite you for 1 minute please? I'm just going to test something."
When you get someone, you both phase back to the low-lvls realm and if he's up, you get to kill Donais again.
Then you can politely dismiss the random invitee. Remember, be polite, so you might get to invite them back later.
Rinse and repeat.

If the 90 account have several 90 on different realms, you can hop between them, making even more per hour.

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