Insane Experience, lvl 87+,

So i discovered this by accident whilst boosting my alt.

I went into Mogu'shan Palace, and wiped on the Gekkan Boss, to my amazement, the boss reset (after i killed Gekkan, but not his adds).

I checked my alt and saw that i got the exp.

So you must have a lvl 90 who can solo Gekkan easily.

Kill all of his adds, except the one to the left( do NOT even touch it).

reset the boss with Feign Death / Vanish.

Each of the adds give you 38k exp, and the boss itself gives around 200k exp.

i managed to kill it within 20 seconds on my main, and it gives about 2½% of your entire lvl / 5% if rested.

Crazy fast lvls!!!

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