so I've been explaining this concept around with my friends I thought I'd share.

the basic idea is you build all your professions on characters not on which ones you need but which niche you find in your servers market.

examples of single character profession stacking you're sure of by now.
to name a few are tailor/enchanter ,or enchanter / jewelcrafter

a quick run down would be

the transmute

1 miner
11 transmutation alchemist

you bot the mats for living steel, for each transmute everyday and clear cooldowns.

Ghost iron bars>trillium bars>Living steel.

You can sell the living steel or even add a blacksmith to make top tier raiding gear.

These can be your bot accounts or even your main account most of these account builds can still allow Jack of all trades achievement.

The mechano hog build

What you'll need

1. 450+ miner (suggest deathknight, paladin , druid or monk)
2. 450+ or higher skinner, ( suggest worgen for ally”faster skinning'', troll for horde '' more damage to beasts)
3. max level tank or healer
4. transmutation alchemist
5. 450+ engineer

1. I highly recommend full northrend mining make a big circle around northrend for the saronite, titanium and cobalt all which are useful for this. Plus you'll get a shot at rares which offer an achievement for killing each one, and even the time lost protodrake..

2. a skinner 450 any place will do rhinos or mammoths in borean, apes in basin or rhinos in storm peaks.
my favorite for a quick buck is this guy Icehowl in TOC or precious and stinky from ICC
I got 2 arctic furs from him solo on ten man might require a lvl 90. if you're not selling hogs often say once a week this farming place is great because you clear one boss and most likely get the furs you need!

so with skinning all you do is aoe pull and skin but you'll want to convert all your borean leather to arctic fur if it's worth more then the leather itself from the leatherworking vendor in dalaran.

3. why a tank or healer because in mists of pandaria you get around 120 JP per heroic dungeon boss what does that mean? Well you can buy frozen orbs for 110 jp at the dalaran just point vendors and then convert them into eternals you'll need to smelt the titansteel bars. 3 to 4 eternals per dungeon you only three of each for one titansteel bar!

4. Transmutation master? Simple every 16 saronite ore turns into one titanium bar with them. It takes two saronite bars to smelt into one bar and 8 bars to transmute into one titanium bar enjoy the procs!

5. lastly but most importantly your engineer!
you'll need to get the pattern from the Horde Expedition / the alliance vanguard at exalted so the best place to farm it is halls of lightning because of the fire elementals that drop the crystalized fire which means you'll be doing less extra side farming after you've got the pattern.
The parts are bought at a vendor over by the flight path at k3 she's working on and adoring her plane.
And some may be dissembled from the mechanical bosses in ulduar!

sandstone Drake build

1. miner 525+/ engineer 525+
2. herbalist 525+/ engineer
3. one transmutation master alchemist 525+ (with archeology)
4. One elixir master alchemist 525+ (or this one with archeology or possibly both)
5. one fisherman 525+
6. archaeologist alchemists with revered status with the tillers

1. the miner to farm raw minerals elementium, pyrium and engineer for electrostatic Condenser
which gives a chance of finding volatile air in mining nodes.

.2 an herbalist to the same thing only with herbs and get the engineering for the electrostatic Condenser still because loot volatile air from herbs as well. I recommend a druid or a character with the air golem.

3. the transmutation master alchemist can turn all of our elementium into pyrium bars and all your pyruim bars into truegold and the volatile life into whatever elements you need! Just be in the appropriate zone! Don't forget about dem procs!

4. elixir master alchemist so you can create the flasks needed for the sandstone drake dem procs!

5. to get the fish needed for the deepstone oil go to deephome look for the schools of fish in caves there. And send the fish to any alchemist because you can't proc with them. They are oils which aren't potions or elixirs .

6. why tillers? Songbell plants turn into 16 motes of harmony or 1.6 sprirts of harmony a day then you can turn them into restored artifacts and turns those into tol'vir fragments giving you minimal effort into farming out your chances for the pattern to drop. Will be a great use of your farm when Warlords comes out!

the alchemists are the ones you'll want to work on archeology with assuming you'll do it with more then one.
The pattern only drops out of tol'vir achaeology

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