Trick automatic AH buyers and make money doing it!

Found a way to trick the Auction house buyers that sit there and let an addon buy up stuff. 

I experimented with ghost iron ore, which sells for anywhere from 30-40g a stack on AH. I bought in bulk about 500 for 30g each and stored them until AH prices went up one weekend. The auction house was at 42g each and slowly rising. People in trade were spamming to all hell to buy at 32g a stack, 35g, etc. I whispered a bunch of people and asked them to do 40g and got laughed at. 

I put 50 stacks at 40g on AH to see if I'd get lucky and all 50 were bought out by the same person withing a 5 mississippi count. I put 50 more up for 40g and didnt sell at all (actually 1 stack sold from some random guy not my buyer). I got 100 more stacks and put them for 39g. Boom, all instant sold from same guy again. Turns out this guy was spamming to buy 30g each COD all u got blah blah blah.

I kept dropping the price by a gold and putting up dozens at a time until I sold them all for 37+ gold.

Moral of the story: I dont know, but I made tons of gold and basically got the best of an addon buyer or whatever he was. I guess if you have a ton of stacks of something wait for the market to inflate a bit then try it out.

I dont know if this is an exploit I think it is because Its not the way the game should be played?
I have pictures of my auction ghouse with the same guy as the high bidder, although I find it kind of rude to post it I will send it privately to requesters. Also have a vid of me scrolling through so you can see all the buyouts a bit clearer.

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