Basically in Blackwing Lair just after the suppression room boss (Broodlord Lashlayer) you can farm the trash an unlimited amount of times without ever leaving the instance.

A class that can drop combat (Feign death, Invisibility, Salyin Battle Banner item or whatever else you can drop combat with.)
The ability to do AOE magic damage (This isn't required, just makes it 50x easier)

How to do it:
Pull as much of the packs in the room as you can (can pull both floors if you want). LoS until everything is stacked up and AOE with magic damage (Hunters can use explosive trap). You want to kill everything but the Spellbinders, spellbinders are immune to magic damage which is why they won't die. Once everything is dead you can drop combat, the spellbinders will run back to where you got them and all the trash that you killed will respawn instantly.
Again, it is very important. DO NOT kill the spell binders or this won't work.

After 20 minutes of doing this (Roughly 10 pulls of the entire section) I got 1400 Runecloth, around 25g+ Just from looting the silver, 1 boe epic weapon, a bunch of green transmog gear which sells for 50g-300g+ each and 1 extremely rare black smithing recipe that sells for over 5k (Plans: Titanic Leggings)

This is after 2 pulls, as you can see there is A LOT of dead mobs and everything is still alive in the background.

And these are the 2 rooms that you are pulling the trash from

Note: If you aren't very geared sneak ahead and kill Firemaw the dragon boss before you pull this, so you don't pull him while you are gathering trash.

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