Creative way to farm Bloody Coins

Currently Blackrock Caverns is heavily farmed by bots on most of the major realms. All thoose bots visitthis npc to sell/repair.

So basically all you need to do is:
Get your Fire-Watcher's Oath
Go to Fergus Gravelsmash in Searing Gorge 

Kill thoose 370k health level boosted guardian druids 


Other things
  • There are lvl90 guards around the vendor and they will attack you. However they are easy to kill and you don't lose reputation for killing them
  • The bots will interact with the vendor for 5-10 seconds so that's how much time you've got to kill them
  • Don't forget your Fire-Watcher's Oath buff!
  • The bots will have honorless target buff, however killing them still grants Bloody Coin (but no honor)
  • When I was doing this there were more than 5-6 hordes/minute

You need to do this on a highly populated realm where the other faction is dominant. The screenshots were made on EU-Sylvanas and the horde druids were from EU-TwistingNether. Sylvanas and TN are not connected but it looks like they share the old world zones, the horde druids were not visible in front of BRC, only outside of the mountain. If you do a /who Blackrock Caverns with a char from the opposing faction it's easy to figure out if there are bots to farm


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