Saturday, September 13

Guaranteed Darkmoon Faire Chest

Chose to put this in the guides section (KuRIoS told me), but if it's necessary mods feel free to move it.
Before we continue, let me say that there is a risk of getting banned doing this.

This will be a simple guide showing how to get a guaranteed chest in Darkmoon Faire, and the belonging achievements "Darkmoon Duelist" and "Darkmoon Dominator".

  • A no-clip hack

Make your way to DMF and head over to the arena.
Position yourself a nice and quiet place where people won't easily see you. (I recommend the backside of the arena)
Now load up your no-clip (will link the one I use at the bottom), and make your way towards the center ish of the arena (try to position yourself right under where the chests spawns).
You can already loot the chest from here, but some times it might be hard to find the position to click (since you're inside an object). For those of you who want to make it easier - continue to the next step.

Here's a SS of roughly where you should be after the first step.

Second (Optional)
Disable your noclip, and take one or two small steps backwards.
Now jump forwards, you'll notice that you're now stuck halfway in the ground. I recommend using /sit so you're sure your head won't be sticking up above the chest.
Your camera-angle should now be "normal" again, as if you were inside the arena, and makes interacting with the chest way easier.

Here's a SS of roughly where you should be after the second (optional) step.

Now the thing that makes this guaranteed (if you haven't already seen it in the SS's), is that when you're stuck in the ground object of the arena you don't get the PvP flag!
This makes it so you can loot it without taking damage/being interrupted by other players.

Have fun hunting those chests and getting your achievements!

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