Saturday, September 13

Patch 6.0 easy Gold

When the prepatch will go live - here´s a nice way to make extra gold:

The weekly quest "warforged seals" - which requieres 50 lesser charms of fortune - can be turned in once a week for 3 warforged seals and 45g 60s.
Now with the prepatch, that weekly cap is going away, since Blizz wants people to still run SoO and get gear to level up faster.
this will mean the quest will become a daily that you can turn in as many times as you like and always get the 45g, currently my Dk is sitting at 31k lesser charms from farming shaoho rep on the isle, that will make a nice chunk of change come 6.0

You can also farm up more charms, either on the isle (frogs are perfect for this) or in the barrens like in 5.3

edit: also just in case you missed it - justice and valor points will go away and whatever you have on your toon will be converted to gold via gold ratio, so cap out on all your toons

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