Transmogrification: The Mad Crusader

I never thought about using this head piece until I visited the transmog NPC just after I'd killed Kilnara, so I went with it and found matching pieces for the rest.

Here's the item list :
  • The helm is the Roaring Mask of Bethekk from Kilnara.
  • The shoulders are from the paladin T8 set, so they're paladin only, but the red paladin T10 shoulders are also a very good fit and there's an off-set version.
  • The chest, gloves, and belt are from paladin T10, all available as off-set for non-paladins.
  • Legs and boots are DPS plate off-set from Mogu'shan Vault, or alternatively the DPS plate from Timeless Isle.
  • The polearm is the Halberd of Smiting from old Zul'Gurub. A green (quality) lookalike can drop from the mobs on the Isle of Thunder.

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