AFK 340+ Gear Repeatable.

Hello, warfront currently does not kick you out when you get /AFK.

  • #1 Unlock Warfront
  • #2 Queueu Up for Warfront
  • #3 Enter warfront match
  • #4 Find a good place to hide/afk
  • #5 ??
  • #6 Wiin warfront
  • #7 Obtain random 340(can warforge/titanforge) item
  • #8 repeat.

Enjoy as long as it works. i have geared uup 4alts to 335+ item level doing this all day =)

you can:

  • Go to the corner near the wall
  • Find the tiny high point
  • Jump to the wall
  • Walk to the lowest point of the crack 
  • You're out

Then load up the AFK macro

/run local f=CreateFrame("Frame")f:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_CAMPING")f:SetScript("OnEvent", function() local p=StaticPopup_Visible("CAMP")_G[p.."Button1"]:Click()end)

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