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DoT and Run (DnR) guide, fastest way to solo level 1-60, under 2 days /played

Please excuse the disorder, I made it in Excel and have a hard time trying to make it look presentable here.

Levels - Location- Description - XP/Mob - Estimated /Played

1-5 ---- (Orc/Troll starting area) I know the first 5 levels of this area, and can complete them in under an hour. (1 hour @ ding 5)

5-8 ---- (Sen'Jin and Razor Hill) Between Sen'jin and Razor hill, you should be able to knock out these three levels in 2-3 hours. (4 hours @ ding 8)

8-15 ---- (Ragefire Chasm) DoT n' Run - pulling 2-4 mobs a time, more as the character gets higher lvl and can possibly withstand a hit or two from the mobs. Normally take about 20-25 mins a level. (7 hours @ ding 15)

15-20 ---- (The Stockade or Shadowfang Keep) DoT n' Run - The Stockade is prefered, since it has a short run distance from mobs to instance exit. However, if you have problems as Horde using this area, SFK will do. Your main goal here is to get to 20 and hang out in SM. Expect 30-35 mins a level, depending on instance. (9.5-10 hours @ ding 20)

20-40 ---- (SM Cath) DoT n' Run - This is your bread and butter! I am able to successfully get 5-6 mobs a pull in here. From levels 20-32ish, be careful because your low level toon will get proxy agro on the first mob in here. Have leveled anywhere b/w 13-40 mins a level in here, all depends on your DnR abilities. 450xp-725xp depending on your noobs level (20 hours @ ding 40)

40-50 ---- (BRD) I can't 100% remember if you can enter BRD at 40, but I think you can. I know I have been in there in the low 40's. Same thing, DnR. Kill the dogs outright, they aren't worth the trouble. Be careful here because the mobs net you, don't get stuck in there while mobs die, losing XP. Expect the per/level times to increase substantially now to around an hour a level. 700-1100xp (1d6hours @ ding 50)

50-60 ---- (LBRS) DnR LBRS - Rumor has it, there are some mobs in the beginning that give double XP. This means that you will be getting 2k+ NON rested per kill. I haven't personally done this yet, but plan on it. Rumor says an hour per level here. 1100-2k+ (1d16hours @ ding 60)


Tips on DnR

1) Use a SL/SL Warlock build with voidwalker out. This allows your to use soul link to share the damage taken, as well as the 10% physical damage reduction from Master Demonologist for having out the VW. Keep the VW on passive, you don't want his damage mis-balancing your mobs health.

2) Start out with 1 mob. Don't just think your leet enough to grab 5 or 6 and have it work, it takes a few levels of practice to get that down. If you are learning at first, and only have packs of 2-3 mobs, just outright kill all of them but one. Drag it to the door and start dotting. Run out when the mob is around 25-30% HP, depending on the level of the mob and if you have enough DoT's on it to kill it.

3) Make your initial pulls with Syphon Life. This will allow you to replenish the beating you take during these pulls, and life taps.

4) Casters generally have less HP than non-casters. I use CoA on the first few mobs I DoT in the group because it gradually build up. I use Corruption on the last few mobs in the group because it runs full strength immediately. This allows the entire group to die about the same time. Try and DoT the non-casters with CoA first, then the caster with Corr.

5) After your intial pull, you should drag the mobs back to within a few yards of the instance exit. Tab targeting works suprisingly well here. It seems to go in order for you, so once you DoT something, and tab, it goes right down the line to mobs that aren't dotted yet. Remember to do a quick tab cycle if you have a large pull and think you may have forgot one. If you are cycling quickly and tab past one that had no dots, you can hit shift-tab to revert back and dot.

6) Once you start the dotting cycle at the doorway, you can't stop……your dots won't stop ticking. If you are inside the instance when the mobs dies, it was a wasted effort. However, if you don't apply enough dots to the mobs, and they kill your noob……it was wasted effort. Each new dungeon takes a level or two practice to get it down to a perfect rotation of dots and times.

7) Use a soulstone on your noob toon, it only makes sense. GY runs are a bitch.

8) You could probably do this technique with a shadow priest. Using SW:P should work, just may take some fine-tuning. A priest would be nice because you could shield and HoT your noob toon on the way out. You could also lay a fear before zoning to scatter the mobs.

9) The DnR technique has been around since release of WoW. I haven't seen much talk about it publically, but I know a lot of people use it. It is just the fact that not everyone CAN use it due to the class limitation. I have leveled almost all my 70's in this fashion and yet to recieve a reprimand or warning about it. I will admit it looks terribly suspisiocus when my 70 warlock zones in/out of SM Cath every 45 seconds or so. You will get all kinds of whispers asking for run throughs, and what you are doing. I just tell people I am helping the wife.

10) You want to avoid mobs that heal. ZF comes to mind. I use it sometimes from 40-45. I straight up kill the healers in the mob packs, then DnR the remaining mobs.

11) You will find that some mobs give half xp, and some give double XP. Scarlet Myrmidons give half XP. There are some mobs in LBRS tha tgive double XP.

12) If done right, this is the fastest way to 60 solo leveling that I am aware of. I have done pulls in SM cath where one pull moved my XP bar 3.5 bars! I've leveled in 13 minutes before out there. It is very potent, and once you get the DnR technique down, it's very addictive. It gets boring though after a while, I can only do it for an hour or maybe two at a time. However, in those 2 hours, I can get 4-6 levels......

13) If you decide to try different instances, remember to keep the distance from the instance exit and the mobs to a minimum. The longer distance you have to pull, the longer it takes to get XP. This is one reason I don't use Wailing Caverns.

14) If you have any questions, or additions to this guide, please let me know.

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