Wednesday, April 2

World of Warcraft Exploit: Brutallus Uninstanced

Everyone who has done the Sunwell Bombing daily knows that Brutallus (2nd boss of Sunwell Plateau 25 man) can also be found outside of the instance itself. But, there is an invisible wall preventing players from getting to him.

Well, some might see this as a problem. But there is a very easy solution. Warlocks and Priests are you friends here.

I got to Brutallus on live severs (WITHOUT going into the Sunwell Plateau instance) by having a warlock simply fear me through the wall. Simple as that. Now, I have a video of me getting wtfpwned and screenshots. I do not currently have screenshots of getting there, but I have shown it is possible:

Using the Fear through a wall method, I have gotten passed the invisible wall blocking the path to Brutallus, from the Dead Scar.

Step 1:

I'm not sure if he is enslavable on the live servers, but who knows! The fix of the enslave bug on the PTR realms was to make Brutallus unattackable. Well, on live servers, he is attackable.

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