Friday, April 25

WoW Exploit: Easy 2k Arena Personal Rating/ gladiator / tons of gold!

Things you will need and where to get them:

  • TWO 2k+ 2v2 (they need to be around the same rating ~50 rating or you will get too many other teams) ( Buy them, this late in the season its about 700-1000 gold and you can make that in a day with dailies now ) I spent 5000g in total on my server, and made 27k with them in a few days.

  • 1 or 2 Good friends that can keep it low. Offer them to split the profit you make, and get them title / 2k+ personal rating.

  • Little or no lag for the people queuing.

Making sure people know what to do, and what NOT to do.

This is the most crucial step in this whole guide. Before you do ANYTHING with ANYONE, make sure they understand what will happen, and what to do. I will highlight in RED the crucial parts in this guide.

How it works.

Two words, WIN TRADING.

People have been skeptic about this before, and its never been fully talked about on mmowned, but i will explain to you how today!

Pick a discrete place to queue like tanaris / blades edge so that people wont find out what you are doing. ( seeing the same 4 people go in and out every 30 seconds is kind of suspicious. )

Decide which team will loose first.

On vent or on the phone, have one of the team leader do a countdown "5-4-3-2-1, QUEUE!" If you are the person doing the countdown, queue up as you say QUEUE. If you are the team leader that is listening for the countdown, queue at the end of "1" Because of lag/ventrilo its always about a second behind, you will in fact be queuing up at the same time. that 1 second makes a big difference in peak hours ( which is when you will be selling your Personal Ratings if you choose to sell them to people )

Now, make sure no one goes in when the queue pops or you could risk destroying the rating of the team you bought. I have a rule when i sell personal ratings: If you join before i tell you to join, if you leave the queue or if you join when i tell you not to join, i am kicking you out of the arena team, and keeping all your money. explain to them that it might seem harsh, but there is alot for you to lose, and little for them to do, in fact, they wont even fight.

Your main goal is to keep getting your friend's arena team, and winning, then letting them win. Rince and Repeat.

"But Fuzz!? How do i know if its my team or if it isn't?!"

That's actually quite simple. Whenever the queue pops, let the other team leader know on vent. If only your queue popped, that means you got matched to another arena team. In order to prevent loosing rating AND/OR Personal rating, DO NOT LEAVE THE QUEUE WHEN FACING ANOTHER ARENA TEAM!!!! Just let it time out. If 1 team does not get the queue at the same time or withing about 1-2 sec, the team without the queue popped should leave the queue before it pops ( because it obviously wont be the other team, since its already matched to someone else ). Re queue.

If the queue seems to pop at around the same time, have the leader look at the Arena Icon on his minimap and count how many seconds are left before the arena begins/queue expire. If it seems to be within 1 or 2 sec, ( be more strict and make it 1 sec if you're at peak hour because there's alot more teams ) then it is safe to go in.

Now, there is two way of doing this....

Powerleveling someone from each team.

Mostly used for Personal Rating selling.

Why? Really fast personal rating gained even when your personal rating is near your team's rating since the person will only go in when it's his teams turn to win.

When its a good queue, the loosing team can send 1 or more in, and the winning team can have all their members join.

Have the losing team leave the arena before the gates open to minimize the time it takes to get your rating.

That way, 1 player from each team will have their personal rating skyrocket because they will only get wins and no loss. the other player from each team are going in each game, which means they still get personal rating, even if they win 50 and loose 50. but it also means the closer they get to their team's rating, the slower it will go up.

Everyone Going in.

I would not suggest doing that, unless all the players need their 1850 and nothing more ( as it starts getting slower as you get closer to your team's rating )

Pretty much, everyone goes it when its a good queue, the loosing team leaves before the gates open to save some time. Trade wins, rince and repeat.

Is it really worth it going through all of this for only a piece of gear?

I have personally made 27k in the past week or so, just selling 1850 for 1k and 2000 for 2-3k. Not only will you get your ratings, but you'll get your gold back and make godly amounts afterwards.

What i personally will do, is get my 2.2k team, and queue up at about 5 am sever time with another 2.1k team. and win to the 2.1k team over and over until i stop getting it, i should reach 2.3k and get my gladiator tittle + Mount.

Lets sum this up... s3 weapons and shoulders on 4 or more characters, 27k gold, 1k points a week for you, and a gladiator tittle with the 310%. Seems worth it. All you have to do is win trade 20% of the arena team's games.


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