Friday, April 25

WoW Cheat: Free weapon leveling

This requires a lv 70 paladin, or a friend with a lv 70 paladin, or at least a few trolls blood potions....

Head on down to the blasted lands and grab the quest, petty squabbles. do the first 2parts till you are on the part called, the stones that bind us. find a servant of razelikh, pull him away from the stone, if you are on a paladin or have one helping, use seal of light and judgment, this will keep your health toped off.. now just beat away on the lv 57, he will stay at 1% health. I did this the other morning, started the fight then went afk, you wont get dc'd either since your in combat, came back an hour later to a skill of 350, switched weapons and did it again....

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