Wednesday, April 9

Easy ZA Bear Mount / Unlimited Badges Exploit

First off I'll explain the strategy

Note: This exploit has only been tried with humans/dwarfs no guarentees for draenies, gnomes, and night elves.

1. You get a group together for Zul'aman and all ten of you exploit onto the other side of the gate without having to hit the dong or start the timer.
2. Then you clear all the trash to eagle, bear, dragonhawk, and lynx.
3. Then have your raid go kill themselves
4. Now you are at the start of the instance, hit the gong and start the timer.
5. Go kill all the 4 bosses with no trash

1. Get the wall jump positon helper macro
2. Delete your hearthstone from your bags. Don't worry you can always go grab one from an innkeeper after the run.
3. Get yourself to this position in this screenshot, facing the wall at .496 on the macro (look at your minimap to see numbers)

Note: If you aren't getting to step #4's screenshot, try different positioning or facing the wall anywhere from .496 - .499 should work

4. Now start jumping until you get into this exact location as in this screenshot.

Angle #1 -

Angle #2 -


5. Go to the Help Request (red exclamation point, where you open a GM ticket) Go to open ticket >> Issues That GMs can Assist With >> Stuck >> Auto-Unstuck

6. Now you should be on the other end of the gate
Angle #1 -

Angle #2 -

Here is a video about everything that was stated as well as proof of being able to target mobs and start the eagle gauntlet trash as well as start boss fights.

Things you can do with this exploit:
*Because you don't hit the dong you are not saved to the instance, thus you can run the instance and kill the bosses unlimited times allowing you to farm badges unendingly. You just have to wait for a soft reset every 30 minutes and all of the people in your raid have to be out of the instance for it to reset.
*Allows you to clear all of the trash and then start the timer on the chest event.


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