Wednesday, April 9

2-man Farm First chest in Slave Pens for rogues

This is very easy to do and can be done 5 times in about 30 minutes.
First off you must have 2 rogues.

One of the rogues needs to position himself behind the chest (The red dot on the map)
The other rogue needs to be near the entrance of the hall (yellow dot on the map) in range of the mobs near the chest.

The rogue near the hall then pulls the mobs with his ranged wep. Then sprint and run back down the hall.

As soon as the mobs start chasing the decoy rogue, the rogue near the chest simply stealths to the chest and opens it. As soon as you have looted it tell your partner.
Upon hearing your partner say hes done simply vanish. Then rinse and repeat.

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bestonline323 on 14 Aug 2008, 02:55:00 said...

awesome post!
i tried to subscribe to your rss but i cant seem too but ill try again later.. anyway thatks for this post :)


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