Tuesday, April 8

Get to Kalecgos without clearing (Sunwell)

1x Warlock who is scyrer and exalted with SSO (Shattered Sun Offensive)
2x Casters who are also scyrer and SSO exalted
3x Soul Stone
Each must have SSO exalted caster neck.

How to:
Zone into sunwell.
Soulstone all 3 people.
Have all 3 target Kalecgos (This can be done from where you enter)
Have all 3 people equip there SSO exalted neck which does a damage proc.
All 3 cast spells untill it procs.

When the neck procs Kalecgos will transport you to him because you are OOR. Once your 3rd member has been teleported to kalecgos he will kill them then disapear (for about 15 sec). When he is reseting have all 3 use there soulstones and move to behind kalecgos (in the safe spot) where there are no patrols.

Once they are all alive and safe begin to summon your raid, then use a hunter to FD reset kalecgos again so you can get to the other side and clear the 1 or 2 trash packs to make it safer.

Using this exploit and also the Hunter FD reset exploits you can attempt him all night without having to clear.

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