Monday, May 5

WoW Guide: Fishing Up to 20x Primal Water / Hour

What you need:

  • Fishing @ 375
  • Aquadynamic Fish Attractors
  • Epic Flying mount (60% can work too)
How to do it:
Circles with "Pure Water" will spawn different places in Nagrand. From these will you fish 95% Mote of Water (1-2 each time). My record so far is 9x motes from one spawn of Pure Water.The Pure Water is some bright glowing circles close to land. The water where they spawn mostly requies high-lvl fishing - a fish attractor is highly recommended to save time.Each spawn will give approx 3-9x Mote of Water before disappearing. New Pure Water will spawn all the time - its just a matter of finding them before someone else does.

Where to fish:
(Marked with red lines are the spawn points for Pure Water)

Proof of what im claiming:
(Ive clipped gchat and general away)

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