Thursday, May 1

World of Warcraft Exploit: How I made 40,000g in just over a month

You can do this, its simple and easy.

First off, you must be an engineer. Obviously.
You have to either do the quest to get the mote extractor or have a fellow engi build you one.

Go to Ebay, or anywhere else and Get a Belkin N50 or N52 game controller.

Load the belkin Software. Load the editor, make a new macro that will press the F8 key for you with a .10 delay in the down and up stroke. Right hand side of the editor, is a button that say, replay macro until button is pushed again. You can set the time in between to .05 sec.

Now go into WoW.. set the Mote Extractor as one of your hotbar keys, and change the binding for it to F8.

Now go to Nagrand, Exact Loc is 30, 62, Which is about halfway between the Oshu'gun and the Ancestrial Burial Grounds. This spot you will not get attacked by anything.
Stand there and start the belkin macro by pushing the button you set it up as, one time. LEAVE IT ALONE..
Now, every 6m2s up to 7m34s a Cloud will spawn, your macro will take it down every time. I average anywhere from 40-60Primals a day x 35g=1400g-2200g a day.
I get petitioned constantly, I run it on a seperate comp and play my main while Im farming. I have it set up to play a sound when I get a /whisper. Ive left it running and went to work many days to come home to back packs full of Motes.

In all seriousness, this actually ruined the game for me. I have 40+ Thousand gold and nothing to buy. I dont sell gold, or Id make a killing. Hope you like it, it works like a charm.

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Jimbomcb on 5 May 2008, 19:56:00 said...

I've leveled my engineering just for this and it's already rolling in money, I didn't buy what was said though, i made an AutoIT script that presses f8 every 1-10 seconds. It works just as well (and you don't need to pay)

Email if you want the script

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