Monday, May 19

World of Warcraft Exploit: How to do damage in arena while dead.

Well I realized just the other day that in arena, if you die and your partner is still alive fighting the opposing team... That if you walk within range in ghost form, then start MASHING an instant cast spell, keep mashing it, then go click leave arena, you will get that cast off as you rez before you leave the arena. Thus giving you a major advantage in those tricky 1v1 situations.

Step 1: Release spirit
Step 2: Get near the enemy you wish to damage
Step 3: Start having a seizure on the keybind of your damaging move / spell (EX: Fireblast)
Step 4: While mashing, Go up to the PvP Icon on your mini map and click leave arena.
*** Now before you leave, it will cast that instant spell.

Hopefully this helps out some people.

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Why would this be helpful to anyone.

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