Thursday, May 22

World of Warcraft exploit: Polymorph exploit on mob.

Ok, so basically, I polymorphed the mob "Bonechewer Raider" in Helllfire, the raider is supposed to demount and summon his wolf mount immediately as its guardian.

But if you polymorph the mob before, when he comes out of polymorph he stays on his wolf, and cannot attack, you can do damage to him, but, he cant do anything back.

Now Im not sure, but this might work on all other mobs that summon its mount as a guardian, if you know where I could find any mobs as mentioned I could go test it.

Tested this 3 times on different raiders.

Also, Im pretty sure as tedious as it sounds you could level your skills on it, and heal it via polymorph. :|

Didnt see this when I searched polymorph in the exploits section and nothing like this came up.

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