Saturday, June 21

WoW Cheat: skip all kara trash from shade of aran to chest event requires druid+rogue+lock

This exploit is to skip all kara trash from shade of aran to chest event. Basically outside of Shade you can see the repair vendor on the left.

What you're going to have to do is two stealths one of which has to be a druid stealth through all the trash to chest event, it might be hard timing the distracts but it is do-able. You should take off gear to avoid dura if you aren't able to do it successfully.

So when the druid and rogue gets to the repair vendor guy let the warlock hellfire to death(avoiding dura).

After the lock is dead have the druid battle rez the warlock from the other side(the repair vendor/chest event area)

Then just have the warlock summon everyone. Skips about 20-30 mins of trash depending on the group. It's pretty nice to skip a good amount of trash since those guys are really annoying too.

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