Monday, June 23

WoW Exploit: Dupe your Throwing Torches!

Well its a new season with a new theme and this time it has throwing torches! I just figured out how to dupe these by accident! All you have to do is..

1. Be able to toss em urself!
2. Have someone else who can toss em!
3. Stand right where the person who can toss em is standing
4. Have the person begin to toss a consistent flow of them right over the two of you
5. Jump up and down as fast as you can while standing right where they are!
6. The person who is throwing them is receiving their old ones that they are throwing up and you are getting new ones!
7. Epic Seasonal Awesomeness!

Enjoy guys!

I figured this out by myself trying to "steal" more torches by catching them from a druid who was tossing em to himself.

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