Friday, June 13

WoW Exploit: Funny spot for ganking and spreading repair bills in tarren Mill

You must be or have a priest friend to do this.

Run up to tarren mill and start killing lowbies for 5 to 10 minutes .After that jump on the tent close to the flight master like this:

once you get up there , you start shooting the flight master , he will first summon 2 bats and then evade. Repeat that 4-5 times until you have mass bats floating around him.

Now the fun begins , all low levels or main chars that will come to kill you because they are pissed off from the ganking you gently offered to their alts will get even more owned.

When you see a bat arriving from the air , or someone trying to flee from tarren mill , you or your friend priest will mind control him and get instant killed from the 20 bats floating around which will make them lose durability

In this picture we already killed 6-7 hordes in 3 minutes ,if not less ,by that way. Hunter and holy priest defending the spot from uninvited guests while shadowpriest distributing repair bills

It s a never ending chain , as long a you kill people , more and more people will come . We had a lot of fun this evening with that

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