Friday, June 13

WoW Exploit: Sunken Tempel leveling Exploit

In the video we don't show it, but you can actually pull the troll boss that heals over to zolo and go on forever or untill the pally's durability holds out. Take in mind my rogue in the video is lvl 50 and is therefore recieving much less xp than a lvl 40. We ended up averaging 140k xp per hour when we finished.

Lets break this down for the people who just need a little help understanding whats going on...You need a paladin(or even a war that has MULTIPLE shields with shield spikes)(This is going to be how to do it with a paladin)

GO find the other troll boss "Mijan"
make sure you killed all the shit between Mijan and Zolo
Pull Mijan to zolo and start the fun (The reason for Mijan is he seems to heal anything around him that gets below 40%. And if zolo gets that low from Sanctuary or the shield spike he will get healed and you dont have to go out and rest.)
Have the paladin cast "Greater Blessing of Sanctuary" on himself
Now sit back and relax and enjow the EASY levels.

(PROTIP) DO NOT let a "Atal'ai Witch Doctor" get in the pull at all because he will sheep the paladin(or warrior) and all the mobs will go after the newbie character(s) if they are in combat.

(PROTIP) You DO NOT need to do ALL the damage to the skeles to get the exp. You do however have to do atleast 1 damage to them to tap them because they kill them self after a 1-2 mins. (THORNS DOES NOT WORK FOR TAPPING)

(PROTIP) If you have a character that has repair bots You can pull Zolo and Mijan to the entrince and take him to the corner down there and bring in the char with the repair bot because the shield is going to break.

(PROTIP) You can pick up gray shields at the horde town in Swamp of Sorrows so you can use more shields before you have to go and repair. (the shields have 85 dura and they actouly last a LONG time)

(PROTIP) Assuming your gear is good enough you should take very little damage (unless your shield breaks and you dont notice) BUT when you do take damage and you want an easy heal if you have "Figurine of the Colossus" it is VERY useful.

(PROTIP) If you bring two characters that are around the same level you will actouly get MORE experience. So instead of only getting 55-60somthing you would get 77+ (I dont know if you bring like 4 people around the same level if it will do better)

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