Tuesday, June 24

WoW Exploits: Get 3 seal procs of 1 attack

Normally you can only have one seal active at a time, however if you use Seal of Command for your auto-attack, then activate Seal of Blood at the exact moment your swing connects (requires careful timing, a swing timer mod helps.) then if Seal of Command procs you get

1) Autoattack
2) Seal of Command Proc
3)Seal of Blood proc from Autoattack
4)Seal of Blood proc from Seal of Command Proc

You can then hit crusader strike and judgement for some pretty amazing burst damage.

If you use Seal of Justice instead, then you have twice the normal chance to stun.

If you want to ensure Seal of Command procs, activating your Bubble will halve your attack speed, and so double the proc chance.

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