Wednesday, June 11

WoW Trick: Massive gold to be made from arena season 4

Well Blizzard has finally announced that arena season 4 will be commencing on 24 June. Expect prices to double in the first day (even a whole week) for the following items:

  • enchanting mats such as greater planar essence and void crystals (both of these are a pain to get), primal earth (for Boar speed) and maybe arcane dust but it is really easy to get

  • legging enchants materials such as primal nether (again limited supply unless ppl start blowing away badges), cobra scales, primal air and life

  • all sorts of gems (especially blue and yellow +12 stam and + res respectively) and lots of adamantite ores!

As all the noobs (including myself) have saved up a lot of honor to get the season 2 stuff, expect demand for these items to be huge. Start hoarding!

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