Tuesday, July 15

Entangling Roots twice

I've found another druid-glitch that can maybe be an exploit because you can abuse it for your advantage.

Imagine you have 3 adds, are a healer and can't cast correctly without your barkskin.
It's badass to have a 2 second cast and a castdelay of more than 4 seconds to finish.

How would it be to have two of these adds rooted and controlled in CC and kill the other one easily?

You can have two adds (or two players in pvp ;P) controlled at the same time!

How it works?
  • Buff yourself with Nature's Grasp and Nature's swiftness.

  • Add number A hits you and gets the Nature's grasp. --> rooted

  • Add number B will be immediately targeted by yourself to be rooted with nature's swiftness and entangling roots --> rooted.

  • After that you can easily move away to kill the third one or to heal yourself with bandages if you're low on mana or something else.

  • Maybe you could run away in fear, like many druids do

This guide was original postet at mmOverload The best site on the net for World of Warcraft exploits!

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