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World of Warcraft exploit: Farm Orb of Deception

It involves the rare spawn in Dire Maul arena. Now why does anyone care about that rare spawn these days? Because he drops 2 blues and has the highest chance of dropping the Orb of Deception in the game. I still sell the orbs for 450-500 gold each on my server. Some of the other blues sell for 20-85 gold each and theres a couple that I just DE and still get 10 gold from the shard.

Now there are 3 different rare spawns that can appear in that arena.
The Razza(big Flying creature)
Skarr The Unbreakable(Ogre type creature)

The most common ones you will see are Razza and Skarr. I have gone almost 2 weeks without seeing mushgog before.

Now I camp them extremely heavy and have done so for a year now. I have 2 level 70 toons parked at the arena for the sole purpose of farming them at every single spawn. I just recently learned of the exploit quite by accident.

Its good to note that when Mushgog spawns he often spawns with one of the other rare spawns in the arena at the same time. However he will always spawn at the North or south end and never in the very center.

Heres how to do the exploit:
First you have to wait till Mushgog spawns and theres another one of the rare elites with him in the arena. For the sake of this description, Im gonna say he spawns with the Razza in there. Actually he spawns more with the razza than with Skarr, but he does spawn with skarr once in a while.

Now heres what you do and your gonna need 2 toons to do this with. I told you its complicated

First toon engages the Razza in the middle of the arena. Now you can fight and kill the Razza without aggroing mushgog, if you stay in the middle. Dont try to run because then the Razza periodically ports you to the middle and when you get ported it aggros Mushgog.

Now kill the Razza and loot him for your 2 blues. Then attack Mushgog and get him to below 50% health, then let him kill you. Yep thats right, let him kill you, but only after you get him below half life.

Now log in your other toon,(dont have your 2 toons grouped for this) and kill Mushgog. You will notice that Mushgog is tagged and greyed out for your second toon. This is the exploit. For some reason he doesnt reset if your first toon gets him below half life and then dies. He might reset if given enough time, but you dont want him to.
Now Mushgog is dead and you cant loot him with your 2nd toon because he was bugged and tagged by your 1st toon. Also you wont be able to loot him with your first toon either for some reason. Now how is this gonna make you lots of gold your wondering?

Simple, just wait about 5 minutes and guess what happens? Mushgog and another rare mob will respawn int he arena. Yep, I farmed them the other day for over 3 hours and had to make several trips to repair my armor on the one toon before 5 people showed up to help a guildie with his Warlock quest and they proceded to jump in and kill me and the rare spawns. That ended my fun, but not before I got bags full of blues and 3 orbs of deception dropped.

Now I thought it was a fluke, but Friday I found mushgog and razza again in the arena and I was able to do this over and over again for about 2 hours this time. I had to quit then to take my wife out to dinner and a movie.

Some tips that you will find helpful:

Blizzard put the rare spawns on a random timer but I have farmed them so much that I have it down to an art form. The will always spawn either 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours after you kill them, but theres a catch!!
They can spawn 20 minutes late or 20 minutes early with the exception of the 4 hour spawn time. If it spawns in 4 hours it will never spawn early. It will spawn at either 4 hours exactly or 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Blizzard did this to try and make it harder to camp. Basically if you kill the Razza at exactly 8 this morning, then the next rare spawn will appear in the arena at either of the following times:


You have to have patience for this but I kill the spawns 3 times in 24 hours and its easy gold. Mushgog is truly rare though, I havent seen him again since Friday when I killed him last. Most I've gone is almost 2 weeks without seeing him, but if you have the patience he will eventually spawn.

One other note is that when Mushgog spawns he also spawns a lot of herbs on the floor of the arena. neither of my toons have herbalism but he almost always spawns 2 black lotus in there, and they sell for 20 gold each on my server. I was thinking of leveling herbalism on one of them for the sole purpose of farming those herbs when he spawns. Im not sure cause I cant pick them, but I'd bet that when your doing the exploit, if you pick the herbs and he respawns, that he will spawn more herbs with him. You could make a lot of money just off the black lotus if this happens like I think it will.

After reading what I wrote, it might sound confusing to some people. I dont think I expressed the exploit as well as I would have liked.

Basically the 2 rare mobs will continue to spawn over and over again, if you kill them just like I described. From the time you kill the tagged mushgog with your second toon, its always around 5 minutes before they spawn again. While doing this, you are only able to loot the spawn that appears with mushgog and you cant loot mushgog himself, but who cares because the mob you can loot always drops 2 blues at a time.

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Mit on 1 Feb 2010, 11:40:00 said...

I used to farm the orb here, made about 20,000 gold selling the orbs for 1400g each. Didnt know about the exploit though. Its impossible to use unfortunately because the pit is camped and timed to the max on my server (Jubei) and so it would be incredibly lucky to find both spawns let alone just one without being ganked whilst trying to farm! The best trick to getting anything at all is to simply park a toon in the pit, and check it every morning before you go to work - this was you dont waste time sitting and watching, as its most likely to be untouched at 6:30 am than it is say, after you come home from work. Less stress, less chance of getting wtfpwned. Good luck. Personally, these days u would get more money on a legit profession, its that hard to camp this sucka. Regards, GoatMaster

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