Thursday, July 3

Stratholme farm ! easy way to earn 400-700G/hour

Find a Palatank (Pala tank prefere be course of the AoE effect tanking metode they use wich can hold aggro on ALOT of mobs withouty losing aggro)
Then if you aint a Mage or a Warlock get another AoE. ofc you can make it with pala tank and what ever class you are, but its easier with a AoE'er more.
Make sure its one you can trust so there wont be any problems sharing what you get later on.

Move into Stratholme. make sure one of you guys are enchanter!
Now the hard part comes. (It's all about if the paladin knows how to tank and keep himself up if you arent a healer keeps him up) for someone its easy for some others is very difficult to find out how to start/keep aggro/hold the tank up.

Start AoEing 20-30 mobs at one time. leave the bosses they don't give anything your in need of anyway. the green items is what we need. Loot all the mobs, dont forget any be course there is might some greens. Stuff as Bone's and Spider parts you just leave. but gray wep's and armor you take aswell that is vendor trash.

You can do it everytime you get a green item or wait til you get back to IF or Ogrimmar or where you are going.
Disenchant it all!
If you have found any blue items go to AH and check the prices and put the item on. do not disenchant them. they arent any credit worth.
sell all the items and (Mats) the essence and illusion dust

You have just made around 400-700g an hour. And you can reset it again and again!

Mats list:
1x Greater Eternal Essence = 20g on my server
20x Illusion dust = 70g on my server
1x Large Brilliant shard = 15g on my server

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