Monday, July 21

Unlimited entries into the WotLK beta opt-in!

Hey, I've used this and gotten a couple beta keys already and since my friends are in the beta with me i don't care about other people using this. Things you need: Common sense on how to clear your browser cookies time things that help: notepad file with all the emails know how to copy and paste easily OK first you make a nice text file of emails with the address on em etc.
now go to Blizzard Store and make accounts with said emailsnow when you're done go to and go to that respective email account(type in the first part in the email address ie. the random1 in random1@mailinator.comand activate all the accounts. since is a "spam email dump" website the email address is created as soon as somebody goes to it or email gets sent to it.Me working with a couple friends made hundreds and maybe thousands of blizzard store accounts using this method. 

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