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World of Warcraft Guide: How to get Gold quick On Battle Realms

First of all, this guide is for all those Battle Realms that you do arena, and get gold for winning then you buy armor for the gold.

This wont work with those servers who use badges instead of gold!

What we are going to do is queing arena with one team, then winning with the other.

6 Accounts on the server
Good PC enough to have 6 WoW windows open

1. First go create the 6 accounts on the server you want to get gold on.
2. Login in with 5 of the accounts at the same time and create 5 new characters.
3. Invite all 5 characters to same group, then create an arena team.
4. Disconnect 4 of the characters so only 1 is online (NOTE: All 5 members will be in the party but as the status "Offline" so you can still join 5v5 arena) With this character we are going to join the arena.
5. Now open another WoW window so you have 6 windows up.
6. Now create 5 new characters on all windows up, NOTE: Don't disconnect the first one we made to join 5v5 arena.
7. You should have 5 new characters, create a team with all of them and stay online, don't disconnect like before.
8. Now you should have one party with one online and 4 disconnected and one party with all 5 online. Totaly 6 windows up.
9. Simply join arena at the same time with both partys, now if you come in the same arena, leave with the one man party and wait untill the arena start and get gold on all 5 characters.

Usualy they give you 3 gold per win one character, sometimes 6.
So you get 3x5 on one arena, that's 15 gold inlike 1 minute.
Or 6x5, 30 gold in like 1 minute.

This gave me around 2500 gold on one night which is pretty much full Brutal Gladiator with enchants

So basicly:
1. Login with 5 characters, create an arena team and disconnect 4 of them
2. Open another wow window so you have 6 totaly and create 5 new charactes and create a new arena team again.
3. Join at the same time with both partys.
4. Leave with the one man party.
5. ????
6. Profit

List of servers that this work one (That uses gold as currency to buy stuff):

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