Sunday, July 27

World of Warcraft Exploit: Traitors Among Us quest bug

I was questing in Theramore when i got the quest Traitors Among Us. For this you have to talk to Deserter Agitators and then kill them. When you click on the chat option they say something and then start to attack you. The bug is when you click the chat option you run around something big and get it in between you and the deserter agitator. That way they will run the opposite way and despawn after about 10 seconds (it counts as a kill for the quest) If any of that didn't make sense heres pics.

Im not sure if this will work for all the quests like this one but i will try if i get any more

Note: You know you did it right if you get credit right away
Note: Make sure the object is big enough

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3 kommentarer:

Unknown on 28 Jul 2008, 20:40:00 said...

most of the time they run off anyways. Also, how can i email you, i have another quest glitch.

sQren on 29 Jul 2008, 12:18:00 said...

You are welcome to post it here, and I will put it up - credeting you.

Unknown on 6 Aug 2008, 20:36:00 said...

On the level 14 druid quest for cure poison, where you have to cure deer, if you cast entangling roots before you cure the deer, you will get 2 deer cured instead of 1.

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