Friday, July 25

[WotLK BETA] working private server release! -

Pach form Zilvermoon.Them have jobs are: TOM_RUS,Albatror,Mike Crowe & Kaldorei
Mangos:rev 6348
SD2 :rev 506
DB : UDB rev 358
Scripts: ACID 0.0.2 rev 18

Support Build Beta WotLK

Runick power
Attack power DK
Start armor DK
Flying mounts in Northend
New mount Frostwyrm have all DK in bug at Start game
FiX Reputation
New Start location DK - Acherus the Ebon Hold.
2 Start qwests
Trainer DK class Frost.
In teleporters.txt - new .tele location


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5 kommentarer:

Unknown on 25 Jul 2008, 22:16:00 said...

Hey .. I have a biiig problem ;-).
This Rev is perfect .. i can play and so on. BUT
when i start a deathknight, then i talk to Arhtas and then I must go into a porter. But when I go to the porter it says:
For entering this place you must install WoW: The Burning Crusade... HÖ?? whats that .. I have the WOTLK Beta Client xD.
Please help me!

Unknown on 26 Jul 2008, 01:27:00 said...

ok .. now it all works. It would be great of you, if you can write all updates in Databanks and so one her .. :-)

Bj Hile on 1 Aug 2008, 01:22:00 said...

I am having this same issue. Any answers?

Chandler0494 on 13 Aug 2008, 08:57:00 said...

Hello I am new to this... Idk where to make an acc Idk how to get on plz somone help me.

Scange on 2 Oct 2008, 06:39:00 said...

I cant figure out how to work with an accound... i need a key and such. can somone help me soon plz =)

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