Tuesday, August 19

Hunter Solo Heroic Mennu the Betrayer (guide)

This movie shows Grashnok, 70 orc Hunter on Stormrage-EU soloing Mennu the Betrayer in Heroic Slave Pens (plus a guide on how to do it yourself). At the time of recording I was Marksmanship specced, but your specc and gear are of no importance (a bow/gun and arrows/shells are all you need).

Killing Mennu is not hard at all, but I do reccomend to first get some practice on normal Slave Pens. I killed him twice on Normal before I went to Heroic. On heroic I took him out on the first attempt. But the trashed seemed much more difficult to pass by. I didn't make it (yet) past those packs around halfway without an invisibility potion, but it should be doable without.

You might notice a slight change in my actionbars/specc. That's because I screwed up recording that part initially, so I had to do it again. But at that time I respecced to BM, the rest of the movie is recorded as MM.

Song: "Adagio for Strings" by Tiesto.

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