Monday, August 18

Teron Gorefiend Exploit

This is a true Teron Gorefiend, tested and working on LIVE server, my guild uses all the time and basically is very simple and wroks perfectly.

Are you and your guild constantly wiping because some nab cant kill hes constructs in that small room?!?! well that stops now =p

Step 1: Having everyone stand outside of Gorefiends room.
Step 2: Have you warlock summon hes minion and use life a few times.
Step 3: Have your warlock send hes minion in while everyone including lock standing outside.
Step 4: As soon as you get the message entering combat, have the MT start bandaging the lock getting healer agro.

what this does is so you have that entier room before gorefiends room to kill your constructs

WARNING! dont go to far, go as far as that first ramp you come up, otherwise you will have the constructs run through the wall and wipe the raid =o

anyways have fun on your next gorefiind fight.

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