Monday, August 18

World of Warcraft exploit: Get to Ironforge airport

When you go through the southern Ironforge/Loch Modan passage, and you come out of it on hte Loch modan side. If you llok to the right there is a tree, behind that tree there is a steep piece of land, jump against it(be patient, it can fail quite alot of time). once on the top, you just follow the "pass"(which explains it self) until you end up in a huge desert of snow. cross the snowy desert, while steering a bit to the left, walk over the hill. Now you're standing on the site you have probably only seen on gryphon back, a few planes and dwarves and trolls fighting eachother, if you however stay on the wetlands side of the mountain, and walk forward, you can travel all the way to a small gryphon post, congratulations!

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